School Pledge

Vision Mission

We pledge to Aspire

  • For a creative mind and heart
  • And a good character from the start
  • For success that’s right and true
  • To give everyone respect that’s due
  • To gain values that play an important role
  • To spread love that reaches every soul

We pledge to Attempt

  • To do the best we are able
  • In our belief to remain firm & stable
  • To always look ahead never behind
  • To right the wrongs that we find
  • To learn from mistakes without feeling guilty
  • To turn all our dreams into reality

We pledge to Achieve

  • The environment that shows care
  • Win the fight for what’s right and fair
  • Take the risk for things that matter
  • Give help to individuals who are shattered
  • Make this earth a better place
  • Do everything with a poise & grace