Vision Mission

About Avalon Heights World Private School

At Avalon Heights World Private School, we promote a practice approach making a visible connection between learning and life. Children are encouraged, much beyond the age old mind-numbing education pattern to discover their inner self and education in a fairly practical environment. Avalon Heights World Private School it is our endeavor to provide the children with an ideal environment, which paves way to an all-around development of personality.

Avalon Heights World Private School also adequately emphasizes on values by preparing children to not just make a living but a life wherever they go. This is accomplished through unique and extensively researched curriculum that focuses on providing children an "Education Beyond Books.""

Avalon's Pedagogy and Unique Teaching Methodology

Avalon follows a pedagogy that emphasizes 21st century skills:

Collaborative Learning

Avalon moves from individual Teaching-Learning processes to group processes. The class activity is organized into social learning experiences, involving higher order thinking, where children learn structured positive interdependence, collectively working in small groups towards a goal.

Experiential Learning:

At Avalon, we place emphasis on learning through experiencing or learning through ‘reflection on doing’. Children relate what they learn to their own experiences, discover and uncover the secrets of knowledge themselves, learn by doing and, by working with their hands, and hence that learning becomes meaningful and delightful.

Multi disciplinary learning :

Avalon moves from single-disciplinary to multi-disciplinary learning and correlation across subject areas to make that learning more useful and permanent.

Holistic Development:

Avalon moves from mere intellectual development to holistic development. The school aims to educate not just the mind, but the heart, body and soul as well. Co-curricular activities, leadership workshops, sports, meditation and events- all aim to create complete individuals.

An International Outlook:

With local roots firmly grounding us, we take global wings to become truly international in outlook. The Avalon calendar is peppered with multiple events of international significance. The school welcomes the opportunity to absorb learning from varied sources, including international ones such as Teacher Exchange Programmes.

Special about Avalon Heights World School

Child Centric:

A school that always puts the child first: Avalon listens to the child’s voice and responds to his/her choice. We work around the systems, curriculum, timetable, teacher preferences, management imperatives and every single other thing, to take care of the child’s interests; and not just children as a whole, but every single individual child.


We strongly believe that the parent is our partner in the business of transforming the child. Recognizing the parent as a very valued resource, we seek to include the parent very closely. Avalon has set up multiple and varied channels of communication between school and parents, one of the most unique being “Open Hours” on Wednesdays, every week. An active and effective PTA body is a critical component of the school’s success.

Avalon is that magical place where it is not about being the best, but about being your best.