Vision Mission

1. Our Curriculum

  • Follows the Cambridge International curriculum (cie)
  • Adopts the CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Programme) for the Early Years, and goes on to adopt the Checkpoint Programme followed by the IGCSE and A Levels programmes later on
  • Offers a variety of routes for learners with a wide range of abilities, including those whose first language is not English, but are desirous of attaining competency in English
  • Is international in outlook, but retains a local relevance.

2. Physical Climate and Facilities

Avalon designs a customized physical environment that supports the unique Avalon pedagogy.

  • Outdoor learning spaces
  • Digitally enabled classes
  • Flexible classrooms
  • In-house cafeteria
  • Day care centre
  • Subject specialty rooms
  • Library
  • Art Room
  • School Bus facility
  • Water play area


No Baggage Policy is meant to free the child. There is a provision for individual lockers for storage of books, stationery, art-and-craft material and other possessions.

The Stem programme: The four disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are integrated into the learning paradigm which drives our academic programme.

Smart classrooms allow the use of interactive audio-visual modules that allow teachers immense scope for experimentation in content and delivery.

Avalon Language Laboratory is a software based learning tool that gives each student ‘private time’ for listening, speaking, reading and writing to enhance diction, pronunciation and clarity of speech and comprehension.

3. Social and Emotional Climate

  • Gives the child not only intellectual stimulation but an atmosphere to promote emotional development of the child, in a loving, secure and sensitive environment.
  • The EQ is considered as important as the IQ level of a child.
  • A teacher-student ratio of 1:15 ensures that each child gets individual attention.
  • An inclusive school which believes in encouraging every student’s talent, not just a chosen few.
  • The events on the school calendar are planned in order to give children of varying talents a chance to shine and succeed.
  • Avalon welcomes children of differing abilities and those with disabilities learn in integrated classrooms along with other children.
  • Remedial programmes are run for children who need the special inputs, by special educators. Parents are facilitated by referring them for testing, day-to- day support and information sharing about exam/board concessions.