Admission Process

Applying to the AHWPS in Ajman is a simple process.

First, you complete all steps below. However, before doing so, please read the following guidelines:

    We would like you to know that registration for next Academic year 2019-2020 for KG1 to Grade 8 is open now.

Step 1: Submit the documents:

You are invited to visit the registration office in the school from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m., to complete the school's registration form, and submission of the following documents: student's details in to enable us to Process your enquiry.

  • 1. Students’ original U.A.E. I.D. Card + a photocopy.
  • 2. Both Father's & Mother's original U.A.E. I.D. Card + a photocopy.
  • 3. One Recent coloured passport size photograph of the student.
  • 4. Student’s passport copy (with valid residence visa for non-U.A.E. citizens).
  • 5. Photocopy of the birth certificate.
  • 6. Family Book U.A.E. citizens only.
  • 7. Copy of the vaccination card.
  • 8. Continuing study letter from the previous school or nursery with student SIS No. if the student was registered in any school before.
  • 9. Fill the Student Information form from the last school .
  • 10. Student's final report card and transfer Certificate including the SIS number of the student from his/her previous school must be stamped by the Education Zone (for students that transfer between schools within the U.A.E.).
  • 11. Student's final report card and transfer Certificate: Attested by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UAE Consulate in the country where the school is located. (For students from other countries outside the U.A.E.).
  • 12. Complete the registration form in full and sign.

Note: please provide the Documents mentioned in point no. (10 & 11) above before the first day of the school.

Visiting the accounts department to arrange Payment of AED 500 (cash), will be deducted from the school’s annual tuition fees, non-refundable for any student who chooses not to return to the school for any reason.

Step 2: Interview and Assessment

You will receive an appointment for your child to sit for a group Assessment Session for Kg 1 & Kg 2.

The test results will help to determine the applicant’s placement and to ensure that he/she is capable to apprehend the school’s curriculum within the levels of support that are available. Parents are subsequently informed of the school’s decision to admit their child to the school.

For applications to Grades 1 and above, an entrance assessment in core subjects (English – Arabic & Math) and personal Interview will be conducted.

Step 3: Passing Interview & the assessment.

If your child passes the assessment you will be invited back to the school to complete the school's registration process:

1. In order to register your child with the Ajman Education Zone (AEZ), we will need to register Student’s name on the Ministry system SIS by using the Students’ original U.A.E. I.D. Card or a Transfer Certificate before the start of the school year

2. Fill the Bus form and submit it before 30th June, if required. (Pay of AED 500, will be deducted from annual Transport fees. Please see the

3. Payment of AED 2,000 registration and admission fees, (deductible from 1st Term fee) is due within 7 days. Your child’s place is not guaranteed until the registration fee has been received.

Step 4: Full Fees payment and collection of the Book and Uniform.

  • Tuition fees should be paid in three installments using (Cash, Cheque & Credit card), in addition to books, uniform and (transportation if required).
  • All installments (P.D.C s) must be submitted at the time of the First installment on or before 31th August.
  • Please check the extra fees in your invoice and inform accounts section on or before 31th August.
  • 5% Early bird discount will be applied for each student tuition fees if the full year Tuition Fees paid before 31th August.

  • Important Note:

    • - Child's age will be considered for grade placement as per the M.O.E rules and regulations.
    • - The school has the right to reject a student's registration if he/she has failed to meet the academic and conduct standards set by the school.
    • Please check the extra fees in your invoice and inform accounts section on or before 31th August.
    • - School Timing for all Grades:
      For Grade 1 to 7 : 7:15 AM to 2:15 PM
      For KG1 & KG2: 7: 15 AM to 01:00 PM .
    • Should you have any questions, please contact us at
      or call +971 6 7423 222 Ext. 206.
      Mobile +971 50 900 56 99
      We are here to help you!

      Many thanks and warm regards,
      Shorouk Ismail

Level Age Range (31st of December is the cut-off)
KG 1 4-5
KG 2 5-6
Grade 1 6-7
Grade 2 7-8
Grade 3 8-9
Grade 4 9-10
Grade 5 10-11
Grade 6 11-12
Grade 7 12-13
Grade 8 13-14
Grade 9 14-15
Grade 10 15-16
Grade 11 16-17
Grade 12 17-18