Infrastructure And Facilities

Vision Mission

Here in Avalon Heights we have a vast range of facilities and infrastructure to maximize each students learning potential. They are as follows:

  • Creative arts:– There is an Art Room in each block of the school where children are enabled to explore their creative side. Each room is well equipped with resources for the children’s learning

  • Robotics:– 1 Innovation Lab – This lab is located in block B and is well resourced with materials for children to become innovators and engineers.

  • ICT:– There are two labs in Block B and one in Block A. These labs are fitted out with computers for children to learn about ICT and also practice RAZ kids.

  • Science:– - There are two labs in Block B and one in Block A. These labs are equipped with plenty of resources for children to conduct experiments.

  • SEN Room:– - This room is for children with special educational needs. It’s a safe learning environment for them where they can learn at their own pace.

  • Traditional Room:– This is located in Block A. It is loaded with traditional clothes, food equipment and furniture. It educates the children about UAE culture.

  • Prayer Rooms:- 6 – The prayer rooms are used by the children during break time for prayers.

  • Library:– These libraries are full of books at different levels which match the difficulties

  • Reading Corner:– These are in the children’s classes where they can spend some DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read)

  • Music Room:– Located in Block B, the children are enabled to explore their musical talents in this room full of instruments.

  • Indoor Activity Areas:– When the weather does not permit our children to play outside they can play indoors in the Activity Areas located around the school.

  • Play Areas:– Located outside, the children can spend their break time in the play areas.

  • Basket Ball Court: – Located outside the Grade 2 corridor, the children can learn the skills of basketball on our Basketball Court.

  • Football Court:- Located between Block A and B, the children can learn the skills of football on our Football Court. Many events including the daily assembly are conducted in this area

  • Dining area:–These areas are for the children to eat their lunch before they go outside to play at break time.

  • Conference Room: – This room is used for many staff meetings and conferences throughout the year