Early Years

Vision Mission


Our Kindergarten is divided into 2 levels as per the guidelines of the United Kingdom EYFS - Early Years Foundation Program.

KG 1 caters to children aged 4 years and below who are ready to participate in learning activities independently as well as part of a group. Our goal at this level is to provide them with the ability to recognize letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and patterns. KG 2 caters to children turning 5 years of age who will graduate to primary school in the following school year. Our goal is to get them proficient in reading, writing sentences, fundamental mathematical operations and logical reasoning.

Children also use iPads and Tabs to explore and develop their enquiry and research skills. They have the ownership of learning. The age-appropriate apps are integrated with all subjects. iPads and Tabs are a part of children’s learning.
In the kindergarten stage, we adopt a gradual educational curriculum where we begin to teach students in KG1 the names and sounds of the letters and the way of writing them with examples of words for each letter. In Kg2 students add short and long sounds, write and read some words, spell simple words which is taught in the class, using of modern teaching methods, learning by play and crafts, and stories to convey the information to all students in an easy and enjoyable way.
Along with the above, we start to recite The Holy Quran and Learning Prophet's biography and some basic Islamic principal that the KG students can apply in their life.

We also have an After School program for students who wish to discover new horizons and reinforce their skills. With our “Science Exploration” club, children uncover new mysteries. In our “Arts & Craft Creations” club, students are given free rein to express their artistic skills. Our “Literacy Word Fun” and “Math Magic” clubs allow students to polish their abilities. Last but not least is our very popular “Rhythm and Movement” club. Teachers work on body coordination and balance through music and games.

In addition, theme parties are held on the last Thursday of each month. Theme parties are fun filled days when students can come to school dressed according to the theme and include activities such as cooking and art. Finally, field trips are organized every term. Children discover new environments, and concepts introduced in class are reinforced.

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