Child Safeguarding and Protection

Vision Mission

Safeguarding Children

We have a safe and secure building with fully fenced grounds. Staff and governors afford the highest priority to keeping pupils safe. During the school day all gates into the school are closed and doors locked. All visitors and parents must enter school via the main entrance, sign in and obtain a badge if they are to proceed through the school building. Safeguarding policy and practice are frequently reviewed to ensure that processes are secure and best practice is maintained. Rigorous checks are carried out for all staff, governors and volunteers. Staff have received safeguarding training; school leaders respond swiftly to all safeguarding issues.


We believe that everyone has a responsibility to behave with care and concern towards others. In order to achieve this, we follow our Supporting Good Behaviour policy which aims to create a fair and consistent whole-school system. This establishes a safe, orderly and positive environment in which both children and staff may flourish. Frequent positive reinforcement all day, every day, gives the child better self-esteem and motives him/her to choose good rather than bad behaviour. Praise and rewards usually take the form of spoken praise, certificates, stickers and badges. There are known consequences for inappropriate behaviour such as a spoken warning, name placed on a tracking sheet, playtime and a letter informing parents.

Anti Bullying

At Avalon Heights, we believe that children have a right to work and play in a safe, non-threatening environment. We continually develop our anti-bullying strategies in order to meet our aim of providing a happy, caring environment in which both children and adults feel secure and valued, where they will find satisfaction and pleasure in their work and where learning will flourish. Developing strategies, shared between all, that are intended to combat bullying, will contribute towards our vision of creating a supportive, inclusive environment in which children can grow and develop. Annually, we hold a National Bullying Prevention week, where the children explore the feelings, actions and consequences of bullying through the eyes of the victim and the bully. Children are also taught about diversity, racism and cyberbullying.