All Round Development

Teachers at Avalon are passionate about their subjects, deeply committed to the School and keen to draw the very best from the students. This, combined with an eye-watering array of clubs, sports and activities, really does mean that a student at Avalon can explore any possible talent or interest, whether latent or burgeoning. We don't call our extra-curricular programme the “Other Half” without reason.

The Other Half

‘The Other Half’ is a familiar term to all associated with Avalon, and is one of the few examples of school colloquialisms we have. The name, however, captures its underlying philosophy that we regard what goes on in the classroom as comprising only one half of what is important in education. The ‘other half’ plays an essential part in a child’s experience of Avalon and it is very much learning about life, its challenges and opportunities. A huge range of activities are available for students to choose from, and a great variety of interests are catered for from art and digital media to swimming, robotics, debating and clubs. The Other Half extends well beyond the boundaries of the school, with activities and expeditions designed to expand horizons through culture, physical challenge, responsibility, leadership and experience. During their years at Avalon, students will spend some time pursuing a service activity and there is a variety on offer to choose from. These include helping the community, conservation, charity work, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

Our School also offers a rich After School where our students have the opportunity to learn new skills and expand their perspectives as well as work on older skills that they may like extra help on.

We currently offer club activities within our school time like Music Club, English Support for Beginners Club, English Support for Intermediate Club, Art Club, French Club, Chess Club and Multi disciplinary Room where we rotate between themes to focus on such as “The Environment” and “Global Perspectives “ every term.

Our goal for Kindergarten is to get them proficient in reading, writing sentences, fundamental mathematical operations and logical reasoning. We also have an After School program for students who wish to discover new horizons and reinforce their skills. With our “Science Exploration” club, children uncover new mysteries. In our “Arts & Craft Creations” club, students are given free reign to express their artistic skills. Our “Literacy Word Fun” and “Math Magic” clubs allow students to polish their abilities. Last but not least is our very popular “Rhythm and Movement” club. Teachers work on body coordination and balance through music and games.

In addition, theme parties are held on the last Thursday of each month. Theme parties are fun filled days when students can come to school dressed according to the theme and include activities such as cooking and art. Finally, field trips are organized every term. Children discover new environments, and concepts introduced in class are reinforced.